Bringing nuance to taste is like telling a story with a surprise ending. One, two, three couvertures… dark or milk chocolate… the chocolatier creates from a vast palette. At La Maison du Chocolat, taste is a question of rhythm and movement, with a start, middle and finish in the mouth. Our work is about revealing the expressiveness of chocolate. We compose soaring melodies, shape high and low notes, mark pauses and half-tones. Whole notes are delectable, quarter notes precise, and their intensity ensures a languorous finish in the mouth.
La Maison du Chocolat gives its creations an expressiveness that leaves a lasting imprint on the memory, durably fixing the experience. The sensation inscribed on the taste buds never leaves you indifferent. The memory of taste arouses an array of concealed emotions that together unlock a unique feeling, like Proust’s famous madeleine cake.


The subtle art of a chocolate created by La Maison du Chocolat lies in finding the precise nuance capable of revealing the balance of a unique taste from first to last bite. Our signature taste is the result of a perfect composition of flavour - fruit, spices, infusion - and chocolate. This singular alliance of sensations comes from meticulously precise doses and delicately refined proportions.
Respect for the finest ingredients, subtle compositions and rich taste combine to offer an array of flavours that elevates tasting to an art. Sensations unfold in succession without ever masking the chocolate: first, the chocolate, then the fruit, spice or infusion, and then, once again, the chocolate.
La Maison du Chocolat has ten master tasters who guarantee the consistency of our unique signature, orchestrating nuances and movement. During their highly sophisticated tasting sessions, each of them finds words to articulate the sensations they feel, inviting us to explore our own tasting experiences even further. The vocabulary associated with the sensations and textures of chocolate tasting includes terms like a long finish, flavourful, powerful, round, intense, silky, moist and creamy.


  • Ganache Passion - La Maison du Chocolat
  • Andalousie - Ganache citron - La Maison du Chocolat
  • Cannelle - La Maison du Chocolat
  • Zagora - Ganache menthe - La Maison du Chocolat
  • Les Gourmandises - La Maison du Chocolat
  • Dentelle - La Maison du Chocolat
  • Roméo - Ganache chocolat café - La Maison du Chocolat
  • Salvador - Ganache framboise - La Maison du Chocolat
  • Ganache au cassis - La Maison du Chocolat
  • Guayaquil - Ganache vanille - La Maison du Chocolat

La Maison du Chocolat has always proudly proclaimed its distinctive difference in the world of chocolate. Rather than limiting ourselves to a single source of cacao, we place priority on the taste sensations created by our chocolates. What counts is the distinctive aromatic characteristics of the cacao - which can range from yellow or dried fruit to woody, floral, honeyed or chocolaty - and the ability of these flavours to inspire creativity. Making choices requires considerable technical expertise and in-depth knowledge in order to blend different ‘assemblages’ of couverture chocolates, finding exactly the right moment when all the aromas are enhanced by the others to achieve the desired expression.
La Maison du Chocolat has never believed that superb quality dictates producing its own cacao (no-one expected Mozart to make his own pianos!). We work with the top specialists to create our own custom-tailored couvertures, and our longstanding relationships with exclusive suppliers enable us to source virtually unheard of quality cacao. At the same time, we help sustain the wealth of upstream know-how required to transform cacao beans into a precious raw material. Creating a new chocolate couverture is a complex process that draws on very specialized expertise and talents in four different métiers, who collaborate to craft an exceptional product with meticulous attention to a myriad of details. Planters cultivate the beans, ferment and dry the cacao; the cacao sourcer travels the world to find exceptional beans; the couverturier then roasts, refines and blends the chocolate in a special machine called a conche; and finally, the chocolatier uses this raw material to compose a new and unique chocolate. Blends of different chocolate ‘vintages’, known as ‘assemblages’, are made exclusively for La Maison du Chocolat in order to obtain a uniquely distinctive taste and create the delicious chocolate bonbons that embody our savoir-faire.
There are more than 20 different varietal typicities of chocolate that nuance infinite variations in flavour. One contributes roundness, another a lasting finish, while others are intense and vivid. A new spice or a touch of dark chocolate heightens the taste, while a hint of milk chocolate brings softness. Drawing on the infinite combinations and contrasts that set the rhythm of our signature tastes, La Maison du Chocolat is on a never-ending quest for new sensations.

  • Truffe Yuzu - La Maison du Chocolat
  • Guayaquil - Ganache vanille - La Maison du Chocolat
  • Salvador - Ganache framboise - La Maison du Chocolat



    Plunge into a world of finesse and gourmandise…

    La Maison du Chocolat put its stamp of nobility on ganache: silky texture of fresh cream and finely chopped chocolate. Enhanced with fruit pulp, delicately infused or revealing the nature of a perfect cacao, the dark or milk chocolate ganaches are side by side with our plain or flavoured pralinés in our assortments.


    Chocolate as the starting point.

    The pastry selection features the emblematic chocolate vintages of la Maison. The construction of pastry interprets the sensation of the finish to the roundness of flavour, the signature of grand chocolate.  In a spirit of refinement, balance of flavours, surprise and renewed creation, la Maison always proposes an interpretation in chocolate as the starting point of all its creations.


    Among the finest and rarest chocolates, La Maison du Chocolat has selected and elaborated recipes for dark ganaches distinct, and noble, revealing to amateurs of chocolate all the aromatic subtleties of the best cacao vintages in the entire world.


    La Maison du Chocolat lends to its ganache nothing but the finest of flavours. Seeking at every turn this subtle balance, which is the signature taste of la Maison du Chocolat. Flavoured ganaches create intoxicating associations between the chocolate and the flavours they are composed of whether they be acidulous, fruity, or with subtle fruit and infusions.


    Almonds and hazelnuts, grilled, roasted, delicately caramelised. Slivers of almonds, crushed hazelnuts, crispy crêpe, salt crystals. Smooth or traditional. Let yourself by surprised by the subtleties of Maison pralinés.


    Instantly recognisable, the chocolate assortments of La Maison du Chocolat, are in precious gift boxes with grained paper and a signature ribbon in a palette of chocolate tones in line with the mythical and refined codes la Maison.