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The Twigs 9 pieces

For a light and crunchy sensation...
Weight: 60 gr.
Dimensions: 13 x 13,5 x 1,7 cm
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60 gr.
13 x 13,5 x 1,7 cm
Praline twigs with 3 recipes delicately whipped for a light and crunchy treat.

-Dark chocolate praline crêpe dentelle : pure whipped hazelnut praline with silvers of crispy crêpes enrobed in dark chocolate. The flavour of the dark chocolate is very pronounced with notes of biscuits, salt (Maldon fleur de sel) and praline

-Dark chocolate praline caramelised biscuit  : whipped praline with almonds and hazelnuts with slivers of caramelised biscuits, enrobed in dark chocolate. The flavour of cooked caramelised biscuits is joined by milk dark chocolate notes and creamy notes

-Milk chocolate praline roasted coconut : whipped almond praline with roasted, caramelised grated coconut, enrobed in milk chocolate. You notice the flavour of roasted coconut associated with the notes of milk chocolate, biscuit and almond praline.


Shelf life: 4 to 8 weeks

Weight: 60 gr.

Dimensions: 13 x 13,5 x 1,7 cm


Our chocolates are best appreciated at room temperature. We advise that you cut your chocolate in two and let it melt in the mouth to allow time for the flavors to develop.