Book Chocolat, So Chic!

24 二月 2017

Available in our stores starting from 30 May 2017.

They are all total absolute cocoa lovers, crazy of ganache or maybe even compulsive addicts... La Maison du Chocolat published at the Martinière editions, a gallery of ‘chocolate emotions’ where 40 chocolate enthusiasts explain their complex free addiction.

In this book maliciously illustrated by Serge Bloch, 40 passionate individuals tell with no complex devoured chocolate bars, those hidden in cupboards, the chocolate boost, anti-depression cocoa or even the inspirational artistic ones.

Inès de la Fressange, Sarah Lavoine, Philippe Labro, Apollonia Poilâne, Pierre Hermé, Mélanie Laurent, James Huth… They are writers, actors, creators, chefs, gastronomes, bloggers and share their best « chocolate moments » threw personal experiences, childhood memories, stories, drawings, pictures, some unexpected recipes or Instagram posts…

From gourmet chills to compulsive excitement, we finally found an impertinent book and terribly chic and everyone makes crazy about chocolate!

Book Chocolat, So chic! Editions of La Martinière - 

Text : Corinne Decottignies - Illustrations : Serge Bloch

15 三月 2017


你渴望遊走於散發著香甜誘人朱古力氣息間的花海中,來一次復活蛋尋找之旅嗎? 隨著復活節的到來,La Maison du Chocolat 的朱古力總廚 Nicolas Cloiseau 創作全新的原野家族系列,帶領你走入回憶,...

06 一月 2017


今個情人節,Nicolas Cloiseau 把我們引進巴黎日常生活中充滿品味的獨特面。他想像四個在光之城中發生的扣人心弦情景,...

27 十二月 2016


香港,2016年12月12日 — 來自巴黎的朱古力品牌La Maison du Chocolat以其非凡手藝以及優越創作享負盛名。朱古力總廚Nicolas Cloiseau 保持一貫對追求完美制作的堅持,...


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