Spring Builds Its Nest

15 March 2017



Longing to go for Easter egg hunting in flower-filled meadows where the air is filled with the lovely aroma of chocolate? With Easter just around the corner, La Maison du Chocolat and its Master Chef Nicolas Cloiseau have created a brand new Easter collection inspired by the fun moments of Easter egg hunting in the lively country. Aimed to awaken one’s childhood
memories, Nicolas captures the key to happiness, with a scene out of a child’s imagination.
In this year’s Easter collection, Nicolas creates an imaginary world of bunnies, chicks, cows, and sheep, bringing the cuteness of chocolate to new heights. Together, these adorable figurines celebrate a poetry of nature, heightening the colors of Spring. Each figurine is created exclusively with delectable flavors of chocolate and praline. The crispiness, lightness, and finesse will no doubt enrich your dream of spring.


10 October 2017
Starlit Night - Chrismats Collection 2017

Christmas Collection 2017

Collection available on November 13th in our boutiques and on our online boutique.

A world without...

06 January 2017

Romantic Parisian Date

Collection available in boutiques on January 25, 2017.

Master Chef Nicolas Cloiseau’s latest...

27 December 2016

Sharing of Happiness

As the beginning of the Chinese Calendar, Chinese New Year is the most important festival throughout the year in...


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