Happy Year of the Rooster

27 December 2016

Sharing of Happiness

As the beginning of the Chinese Calendar, Chinese New Year is the most important festival throughout the year in orient culture. This is a significant festival of reunion of families, friends, and business partners. By gifting, to demonstrate loves, relationships could be well maintained or even reinforced. The prestige of the gift then reflects the relationship between giver and recipient.
For almost four decades, the French chocolatier has been clinging to the idea of creating every piece of hand-made chocolate in an artistic fashion designed to indulge aficionados of fine chocolate. The classic and luxurious artisan chocolate created by La Maison du Chocolat has proven itself the best option for your New Year treats.
To celebrate the Year of Rooster, La Maison du Chocolat presents Fortune gift box to spread blessings of good fortune and prosperity. Red resembles luck, joy and happiness in Chinese Culture while the noble color Gold symbolizes auspicious and wealth. With eye-catching colors, the Fortune Year of the Rooster Collection presents the traditional festive season in an energetic way: a specially designed candy box with strong artistic sense of redness and an iconic 'golden' rooster figure. Red signature ribbon on the gift box also symbolises the linkage between giver and receiver – an intimate relationship.
Fortune Gift Box (222g) HKD 635
Wishing you a fruitful and joyful new year, La Maison du Chocolat presents this exclusive mouthwatering bonbons de chocolat box, which includes a variety of chocolate assortment, made entirely by hand, symbolizing a bumper year ahead.
• Three delicate mix of chocolates: 
-   Anastasia: Dark chocolate praline with Gianduja hazelnuts
-   Traviata: Almond and hazelnut praline with bursts of roasted and
    caramelized almonds
-   Grain Dentelle: Milk chocolate praline with slivers of crispy crêpes
• Orangettes: Candied orange peel coated with dark chocolate
• Amandas: Delicious almonds coated with milk and dark chocolate
• Three exquisite recipes of Twigs: slivers of caramelized biscuit, 
roasted coconuts and bursts of crêpe dentelle 
• Tobago: Dark (60% cocoa) and Milk (37% cocoa) chocolate squares
Fortune Macaron Gift Box (12pcs) HKD 380
Enjoy a French-style Chinese New Year with our emblematic and colourfulganache macarons!
Three luxurious Hatboxes also feature in the Fortune New Year of the Rooster Collection:
• Prosperous Hatbox, HKD 2,640
• Year of the Rooster Hatbox, HKD 2,168
• Blissful Hatbox, HKD 1,650
The Fortune Year of the Rooster Collection for Chinese New Year is available from 30 December 2016 at all La Maison du Chocolat boutiques in Hong Kong. 

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