Palmeraie Macaron Gift Box 24 pieces


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Unique recipe : an alliance of two shells of extreme finesse, slightly sweet, rich in almonds, with a smooth, silky ganache which showcases the pleasures of chocolate with a variety of refined, gourmet flavours.

The assortment is contained in a new gift box Graphic Chic with a floral motif blue and green.


-Quito: Robust dark chocolate ganache, classic and intense.

-Venezuela: Plain dark ganache with woody notes, shells covered with cocoa nibs.

-Sylvia: Luscious, silky milk chocolate ganache, with subtle notes of caramel.

-Abyssinie: Dark chocolate ganache with a cold infusion of ground coffee enhenced with a touch of mascarpone.

-Rigoletto: Chocolate ganache with perfectly cooked Maison caramel, intense and slightly salty.

-Figaro: Dark chocolate ganache with hazelnut and almond praline, and hazelnut paste.

-Macapuno: Dark chocolate ganache with coconut and lime, shells covered with coconut.

-Guayaquil: Dark chocolate ganache infused with Bourbon vanilla.

-Pistachio : Chocolate ganache with pistachio paste.

-Malaga: Dark ganache with citron infused with zests of lemon.

-Maracuja: Chocolate ganache with passion fruit.

-Salvador: Chocolate ganache with raspberries.


Enjoy the macarons at a room temperature of 20°C.

We recommend storing your macarons in their original packaging in a cool, dry place (16 - 18°C), or in a drawer in your refrigerator, after having protected the box in an airtight plastic bag or container.

Remove them 30 minutes before serving.

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